What to consider before self-hosting Supabase

What is supabase?

If you've used Firebase before, simply consider Supabase as the open-source alternative to Firebase.

That means you can actually set up a supabase instance on your computer or server.

If you want to host Supabase on your server there are some things you should consider first before deciding whether to continue with the option.

① Supabase UI

Which is known as a Studio. In the cloud, this enables the management of projects in Supabase. In self-host environments, the studio doesn't give that user experience. Setting up Supabase projects in a self-host environment requires Linux knowledge.

② Logging into the Studio

The studio in the cloud allows you to sign in with GitHub.

In the self-hosted environment, you have to set up Basic Auth which might be bothering to set up, especially because you have to set up Basic Auth per self-hosted project.

③ Storage

The supabase cloud service gives you access to storage buckets but it's not a similar thing in the self-hosted supabase environment.

How to set up self-hosted Supabase

Here is the link to the resource that helped me find success after trying many others and failing. Click here


Hope this information has been helpful.