Maximize Your Efficiency in Visual Studio Code with These Productive Shortcuts.

Navigate the Editor with Ease: Keyboard Shortcuts to Know.

With these productivity-boosting shortcuts, you can unleash the full power of Visual Studio Code. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just getting started, these VSCode tips will help you work faster and more efficiently. These shortcuts will streamline your workflow and help you get more done in less time, from navigating the editor to managing your code. With this guide, you'll be able to work in VSCode smarter, not harder.

Let's dive into them.

  1. Shrink a selection

Shift + Control + left arrow

  1. Expand a selection

Shift + Control + right arrow

  1. Duplicate the current line

Command + D

  1. Multiple vertical cursors

Options + Command + Shift + Arrow down or Arrow up

  1. Move the line up and down

Options + Shift + Arrow down or Arrow up

  1. Fold a block of code

Options + Command + [

  1. UnFold a block of code

Options + Command + ]

  1. Toggle Terminal

Command + J

  1. Jump to the start or end of the line

Command + arrow right or arrow left

  1. Select the whole line

Shift + Command and arrow right or left

  1. Open command pallets

Control + Shift + P

  1. Focus File window

Command + Shift + E

  1. Change the file tab

Control + Tab

  1. Select all occurrences

Command + Control + G

  1. Search and Replace in all open files

Command + Shift + H

  1. Close an open file

Command + W

  1. Open files without the sidebar

Command + P

  • Type part of the name of the file in the search.

  • Press Enter to open it.

  • Are many filenames returned? Don't panic.

  • Use the keyboard up and down arrow keys to select a desired file. Press Enter to open it.

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