How Beginner Developers Improve their Online Presence Strategy and Achieve growth

Photo by Jess Bailey on Unsplash

How Beginner Developers Improve their Online Presence Strategy and Achieve growth

Without a strong online presence, you many chances of monetising your skills. But you might be a Developer who has a website, blog, NewsLetter, Youtube channel, Social media accounts and others. Sometimes make an effort publish content, but despite all the efforts you find yourself short in terms of engagement, follower and traffic growth.

You wonder what could be wrong. In this article I share questions that have helped many developers to improve their online presence strategy and achieve the much needed growth.

Below are the questions

  1. Is the content I share necessary to my followers?
  2. Does my content influence the decisions of my followers?
  3. Do I request for feedback from my followers?
  4. If they give me feedback, how I have responded to feedback?
  5. Am I consistent with my content?
  6. What do other people who publish similar content do that I don't do?
  7. Why do they do that and why haven't done it?
  8. Are my followers the people who need my content?
  9. Are my followers enough for me in terms of numbers?
  10. Does the platform where I submit content need my type of content?
  11. Am I focusing on likes more than quantity and quality?
  12. Do I use analytics tools to gather insights about the performance of my content?
  13. Do I do keyword research to help me come up with Search Engine Friendly content?
  14. Do I know what my audience know me for?
  15. Do I know have enough knowledge about Search Engines and how the content algorithms of the different platforms where I post work?
  16. I have consulted/engaged with content creators who are performing better?
  17. I content creation my thing?

That's it friends.

In summary, we can't achieve results without a strategy, even more we need to implement the strategy, monitor and evaluate it. Did you find this helpful? Take a moment to give me some feedback. Follow me on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram